This is the Privacy Policy of the WebViews Inc. in the

United States and Canada .

WebViews cares about protecting the privacy of individuals who visit the WebViews Web site for information, products, and services. This policy explains how we at WebViews ensure the responsible use and protection of any personally identifiable information that we receive online.

WebViews understands the importance of personal privacy online.

WebViews has developed its Web site with personal privacy in mind. At WebViews, privacy on the Internet means that:

–  You have control over any personally identifiable information you decide to submit to WebViews

–  WebViews informs you how we use any personally identifiable information that is submitted to us online

–  WebViews is committed to treating your information confidentially at all times.

It is not necessary to provide any personally identifiable information when you visit the WebViews Web site.

You can browse the WebViews Web site without disclosing any information that identifies you as an individual (“personally identifiable information”). WebViews provides you with the opportunity to contact WebViews online–to ask a question, learn more about a product, or to ask for help with a product you already have. If you choose to contact WebViews online, you will find that many of our contact forms ask for common types of personally identifiable information, such as name, street address, and e-mail address. We ask for this information to help us reply to you.

Providing personally identifiable information is voluntary. WebViews always leaves it up to you whether to submit personally identifiable information online. If you would like to contact WebViews, but do not wish to submit personally identifiable information online, you can reach a WebViews representative by calling the WebViews hotline at 1-905-763-0061.

As an optional benefit when visiting the WebViews Web site, you may customize your WebViews online visits in the area of the site called My WebViews. If you register to use My WebViews, you will be required to submit your e-mail address before proceeding further. However, if you do not wish to register with My WebViews, you will still be able to view all the contents of the WebViews Web site.


This privacy statement covers the Web pages belonging to the WebViews Corporation in the United States and Canada . It does not cover the privacy policies of WebViews affiliates.

Why Does WebViews Collect Personally Identifiable Information?

We bring you the benefits of information and shopping at Internet speed.

During your visit to the WebViews site, you will find that we offer online services and customer support services on selected Web pages. To handle online orders or inquiries more efficiently, WebViews has provided electronic forms that request personally identifiable information such as name, street address, and e-mail address. These forms enable visitors and customers to communicate with WebViews quickly and easily. As an alternative, those who want to communicate with WebViews but do not wish to give personally identifiable information online may use the phone or fax numbers that we also provide on our Web pages.

WebViews asks only for the minimum amount of information needed to assist you.

WebViews uses personally identifiable information submitted online to:

  • respond to questions from customers or visitors to the Web site
  • provide online services and customer support
  • share product news, updates, or helpful tips about WebViews products
  • enable online shopping
  • inform users of special promotions

When we request personally identifiable information, we limit our request to the information needed to respond to inquiries or complete a transaction. Once you send information online to WebViews, your information is used only for the specific purpose for which it was submitted.

Personally identifiable information that is submitted in a business capacity may be merged with available business data base directories.

Here are the types of information that WebViews collects:

Contact and feedback forms: Anyone with questions or comments may use these electronic forms to submit inquiries to our Webmaster or to specific WebViews business groups. If an individual wants to communicate with WebViews through the Web site, we require a sufficient amount of information to respond to the individual’s request. WebViews replies to contact and feedback forms only once, unless a customer requests follow-up or additional assistance with a particular problem. If a customer contacts WebViews online with a request that requires specific or regional expertise, the request will be forwarded to a local, WebViews-authorized representative for handling.

Commerce forms: To process orders over the Internet in the United States , and Canada WebViews asks for purchase and shipping information–name, address, phone and credit card numbers. WebViews uses credit card numbers only to process specific orders for equipment and supplies.

Services Subscription: By subscribing to a Webviews services, customers get the benefit of the using specific WebViews services and products. A subscriber can request that his or her subscription be terminated and her name removed from the list of subscribers by sending an e-mail to the company.

Subscription forms: By subscribing to, e-mail news and updates, customers get the benefit of the latest tips and information about specific WebViews products and services. A subscriber can request that his or her name be removed from the mailing list by sending an e-mail.

Registration forms: Using the WebViews Web site, customers can register for WebViews products and services and activate services online. Our online registration forms ask for name, address, corporate information and some customer satisfaction data. Registering online also entitles the customer to the option of receiving product news and featured promotions by e-mail in the future. Customers can choose not to receive these additional e-mail contacts by clicking a designated opt-out box at the time of registration. Customers who have elected to receive news and promotions may request that these contacts be discontinued at any time by sending an e-mail. For those who do not wish to register online, the registration Web pages also have details on how to register by phone, fax, or mail.

Download forms: Visitors to the WebViews Web site can download free copies of software by completing and submitting a download form. These forms ask for personally identifiable information.

How Does WebViews Handle Personally Identifiable Information?

WebViews keeps personally identifiable information confidential.

While we at WebViews are pleased to offer convenient services and shopping options online in the United States and Canada , we are also mindful of our responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of the personally identifiable information we receive.

WebViews protects personally identifiable information.

When a customer purchases services online from WebViews it may be necessary to transfer personally identifiable information to a WebViews-environment to fulfill the order. WebViews personnel handle personally identifiable information with the high degree of concern for all personal privacy.

Whenever WebViews receives any information, it is with the understanding that the information should be used for the sole purpose of fulfilling the customer’s request and that the information should be kept confidential and secure at all times.

In some instances, when WebViews transfers personally identifiable information to one of its other authorized agents or partners, that agent or partner may need to share the personally identifiable information with an unaffiliated third party for the purpose of completing an order or providing a service. Information will be shared with outside parties only at your request. You can instruct a WebViews agent not to share your information.

WebViews gets your consent before sending you additional information.

WebViews may wish to contact you with announcements about products and services that we believe will be of interest to you. If you do not want to receive these announcements, you can click an opt-out box on the appropriate WebViews Web page before submitting your information. If a WebViews Web page does not have an opt-out box that means no additional announcements will be sent to you. You can unsubscribe from announcements by sending an e-mail with a description or copy of the announcement to

About links to non-WebViews Web sites.

While visiting the WebViews Web site, you may encounter links that take you to the Web site of another organization, such as a retailer that offers related services. WebViews posts these links as a way of helping you locate related information and services easily. However, when clicking to a non-WebViews Web site, please know that non-WebViews web sites are not covered by this Privacy Policy and these other companies may not treat personally identifiable information with the same privacy protections as WebViews. To find out how another company handles the information it receives online, please check the Privacy Policy posted on that company’s Web site.

Security of Personally Identifiable Information

Only authorized WebViews personnel or agents are allowed to handle personally identifiable information submitted to WebViews online.

Any personally identifiable information that WebViews maintains is stored in password-protected, secure environments that can be accessed only by authorized personnel. WebViews instructs all personnel who handle personally identifiable information to use appropriate privacy and security precautions when processing this information.

Credit card data is encrypted.

To ensure that online shoppers in the United States and Canada can purchase with confidence from the WebViews Web site, WebViews protects credit card and client information with industry-standard encryption technology. Just as WebViews is careful with your personally identifiable information, we likewise observe rigorous privacy protection standards when handling credit card and financial data. When a customer submits an order to WebViews online, the personal and credit card information is used only to complete the purchase and arrange for shipping. This information is not used subsequently for marketing or unsolicited contacts.

Access to Information

Reviewing personally identifiable information submitted to WebViews online.

Individuals may contact WebViews to check the accuracy of their own personally identifiable information or to request that the information be updated or deleted by writing to

WebViews will verify the identity of individuals requesting access to their information.

To prevent fraudulent access to the personally identifiable information stored by WebViews, each WebViews business group takes appropriate measures to verify the identity of each person requesting review, change or deletion of his or her personally identifiable information.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that a Web site puts on a user’s hard disk. This file identifies specific information about previous visits to the Web site.

How does WebViews use cookies?

WebViews uses cookies to recognize repeat visits to our Web site and to facilitate Web navigation and online shopping. The cookie only stores the time of each visit, the user’s country, language, and segmentation preferences, and an assigned random session ID. Cookies also identify the user’s session, so that online shoppers and other persons using the Web to communicate with WebViews do not have to enter the same information in multiple locations.

The cookie information that WebViews collects helps us track the number of visitors to the Web site over time and determine whether these were new or repeat visits. WebViews tracks cookie information to better understand patterns of usage by Web visitors. WebViews uses this information to adjust the presentation of our Web site and to make it more relevant to our users.

Does WebViews keep cookie data private?

All information collected by WebViews through the use of cookies is maintained as private corporate data and is not shared beyond the corporation.

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