IT strategy and architecture services

Align your IT strategy with business priorities to promote growth and innovation


In the era of Internet and Cloud Computing, an IT enterprise architecture which is not tightly coupled and aligned with your business strategies, work organization and priorities can become a costly road block for corporate growth and organization performance improvement. Your IT strategy should reinforce an enterprise architecture which positions IT as a key enabler for business growth and performance improvement-thus closely aligning your technology infrastructure and systems with your business realties enabling the organization to innovation and service quality improvement.

IT strategy and Enterprise Architecture Planning services from WebViews can assist in  successful assessment, planning and design of an enterprise wide IT strategy and architecture which supports and enforces organizational goals and objectives. Our experts using our proven methodologies and tools can assist you to develop a Strategic Blue Print and a Technical Architecture Plan design for your corporation. In addition The associated Road Map provides an effective implementation plan and schedule. We can help you identify ways to reduce costs, streamline your infrastructure, improve the quality of service delivery and realize a faster return on investment. Our IT strategy and architecture services include the following key services…

Systems Strategic Planning

The integration of Manufacturing Operations and Control Systems allows manufacturing and material handling facilities to significantly reduce operational costs. The more integrated the MES system is to your process, equipment and staffing, the better the results. However, the problem facing many organizations is how do we get started?

WebViews has helped several organizations get started as part of our up-front MES strategic planning. Our approach involves developing an “AS IS” situation, which creates an inventory of your current processes and systems and their state, planning the “To Be“ situation for the MES solution and developing a “Road Map” to get there. The process includes interviews with a number of departments since MOPECS integrates the many processes and systems (ERP, operations, supply chain, labour, quality, maintenance, controls etc.) together.

The deliverable is a comprehensive Strategic Manufacturing Operations and Control Systems Plan that contains items such as the end-state system architecture, cost, estimated return on investment, schedule, implementation plan, staffing and roles, and software vendor selection.

Enterprise Architectural Planning

To stay competitive corporations are adjusting their Information Technology infrastructure to adapt to both the changing times and technology. As new and more cost effective tools and systems become available for managing the plants and the business, the customers need to deal with obsolescence in equipment and systems, limited Plant-Floor Visibility, difficulty of managing disparate systems and application becomes more evident. And this while, the clients are looking to measurable ROI on their investment too. Our clients recognize the need to replace aging systems with new technology and processes, and to do so in a way that provides acceptable ROI. The question that we are asked most of the time is “How do we get started?”

WebViews response is to partner with our customers to develop a holistic solution that draws on the skills of our IT architecture planning, Manufacturing and engineering application systems expertise, Controls and Plant Automation background and sound Business Analysis expertise. Because WebViews team members have been in the engineering solutions business for over 25 years and have extensive Enterprise Architectural planning, and Technology Alignment expertise, we can help architect a reliable IT solution and road map forward.

Webviews Team has assisted many organizations “to get started” through a strategic master planning effort. WebViews deliverable is a comprehensive strategic plan and an implementable and prioritized road map that includes things like end-state system architecture, estimated Return on Investment (ROI) and costs, and implementation plan and schedule. 

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