Translation & Localization Services

WebViews suite of Borderless Business services on demand, remove the barriers of language and culture across the end-to-end process of conducting any business. This normally involves activities at presentation, interactive communication, transaction, fulfillment and support layers. WebViews Borderless Business Services fulfill the needs for any and or all of these activities. Each service is designed to address activities at each layer and could be selected and used on its own or could be used in combination with other services. The suite of Borderless Business services are:

Borderless Mail (BMail™)

Borderless Mail (BMail™) allows single-language email users – e.g. sales and support reps – to dialogue naturally and exchange messages and attached documents on-line and through their emails with their customers in 35+ languages – often within a matter of minutes.  It’s Webviews BMail™ services that eliminates the language barrier.  Please see BMail Data Sheet (PDF)

Borderless Web (BWeb™)

Leverage the investment you’ve made in your e-business and Web sites by transforming them into as many international language sites as you need.  Borderless Web also automatically-updates all of your global language sites and keeps them in synch when changes are made to your ‘source’ site’s content. Please see BWeb Data Sheet (PDF)

Borderless Docs (BDocs™)

Professionally-translated documents on-the-fly.  Post your documents on our Service Management Portal and download the localized versions on-line in any language you want. And keep these documents in many languages in synch with the source document on ongoing basis. Review service usage reports and billing on-line. Please see BDocs Data Sheet

Borderless Apps (BApps™)

Borderless Apps helps software companies localize their software applications products to as many languages as they want by using WebViews Software Localization Factory on the web quickly and effectively.  A breakthrough beyond the administrative and cost burden of ‘off-line’ traditional project by project software localization practices one language at a time! Please see BApps Data Sheet


Using Borderless Business Services On-Demand

WebViews Borderless Business services are delivered on-demand basis on a pay-per-use utility model via our Service Management Portal on World Wide Web. Using these services is simple and straight forward. You just subscribe and enjoy the services and pay as you use. And you do not have to change a single thing in your company for using these services. Upon subscription to BorderlessWeb Services, you would enjoy the automatic update of all your e-business and web-sites in as many languages as you need!

Upon subscription to BorderlessMail Services, your people would be able to interact back-and-forth with your customers in any language they need allover the world. The same goes for BorderlessDocs. And it is not all. The quality you would enjoy in all these services is unparalleled! Best human quality at internet speed all the time.  And it is all thanks to WebViews Borderless Business On demand Services. All you need to do is to subscribe to WebViews Borderless Business Services.


Supported Languages

Western European: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish and Danish

Eastern European: Russian, Ukrainian, Albanian and Greek

Asian: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese

Middle Eastern: Farsi, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish and Armenian

Aboriginal: Inuktitut

Localization, Translation and Internationalization Consulting Services

In addition to the its portfolio of Borderless Business On Demand (BBOD™) Solutions and Services, WebViews delivers consulting and systems integration services for automation of corporate Trasnlation, Localization & and Internationalization application systems. These services assist clients and subscribers with architecting and establishing the required technology infrastructure and integrating legacy systems thus enabling organizations to add multilingual / multi-market / Trans-Lingual features and capabilities to their business and technology environments and applications.

To deliver these services, WebViews draws upon expertise gained over many years of research and development of Localization & Translation and Internationalization technology and experience in implementing e-commerce, Internet and Intranet solutions for Fortune 1000 and other blue chip clients in the past 25 years.