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Smart Oil Field Requirements Definition: Green Field Versus Old Field

2011 was another year we had to develop a Control System for a new Oil Field which was being developed. We had the mandate to design and develop a new Smart Oil Field System to Monitor, Control and Report the Oil Field Operations. The good thing about a green field is that it is green, enabling the use the best and most effective technology and systems in developing and implementing a truly modern Smart Oil Field system. But nothing is that simple and this was no exception! Please read more….

What made our team truly happy that we were asked to exapnd on what we did and provide the same and more for other and similar needs and situations. 2012 was such a time for our team. The client’s vote of confidence was not only in letting us know that they are happy with what they have got, but wanted more of it and in more places than what we had originally throught of!

Kudos to the team members!


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